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Easy to do , weekend build convertible DIY sofabed, that can convert from sofa, chaise longue, to a bed.

the hands have 3 positions, either straight or at angle, or flat. They can also be removed completely for a stunning look.

Done with easy to find materials, and wood. i used 2x4's since they can be found anywhere.

Jig Links :
Pockethole Jig :
Dowel Jig :


* 2x4

* 1x6

* 8mm ( 5/16″ ) dowels

* 20 pocket hole screw

* 4 screws

* galvanized rods

* glue

Step 1: Cut the Material

i used a circular saw, and a speed square to guide it in order to cut the wood, and a reciprocating saw to cut the rods. note that a normal saw can be used for the wood and a hacksaw for the rods with no problem.

I cut according to the below cut list :

for the (4.5 x 9.7 cm ) 2x4 " :

  • 2 x 150cm (59")
  • 2 x 80 cm (31.5")
  • 2 x 20.5 cm (8")
  • 5 x 70.7 cm (27.8")
  • 2 x 111 cm (43.7")
  • 4 x 55 cm (21.6")
  • 2 x 77 cm (30")

for the (2.2 x 15 cm ) 1x6 ":

  • 3 x 61.30 cm (24.13") (we will rip one of them in the middle for the armrest bottom slats)
  • 3 x 130 cm (51.18 ")

for the galvanized rods

  • 2 x 76.70 cm (30.19 cm) the rod outer diameter is 2 cm (0.7874")

Step 2: Optional : Milling and Thickness Planing

i used the jointer/planer in order to mill wood to a constant thickness , and clean the wood surface for easier sanding later.

This step is optional, and in case you have no access to a jointer or planer, you can buy milled wood, with a smooth surface.

Some Lumber stores offer this service in their shop also.

Step 3: The Back

I use dowels, in order to connect the back slats to the legs, and made a couple of passes with the circular saw to make lap joints in order to connect to the legs back stretcher later.

Step 4: The Front Legs and Stretcher

i used dowels here also to connect the legs to the front stretcher, you can also use mortise and tenon here, but i wanted to keep it simple for people with limited tools and time.

Step 5: The Front and Back Legs

using the same dowel method, i connected the back and front legs with stretchers.

Step 6: The Base

using the dowel method, you can drill dowel holes, in the stretchers connecting pieces , and use a forstner bit in order to drill holes for the rods.

Step 7: The Armrests

We need to make a mortise for the arm base to be able to plug to the metallic rods, and to rotate.

Also a notch that will rest on the leg stretcher to hand the arms in different positions.

We will use pocket holes to attach the slats.

Step 8: Assembly

Use glue to fill the dowel holes, and start the assembly.

Use clamps to hold the pieces in places while they dry.

I hope you like this project, i will have part 2 on finishing and doing the cushions.

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