Introduction: Easy Doghouse From Home Build Scraps

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With the house almost done and warmer weather upon us, I wanted my puppy Luci to have a doghouse in the front yard garden so we could be together while I tended to my plantings.
The materials were leftover building supplies and build was simple, so a free doghouse, with deck, in just a weekend. Win, win!



pallet box, advantex plyboard, cement board siding, ridge cap, grace, ice/water shield, 1x3 strapping, mahogany trim scraps, trex decking, pt 2x4's, variety of fasteners


Chop saw, wood blade and cement board blade, jigsaw, drill and driver, hammer,

Step 1: Pallet Box

The foundation is stone, so we have lots of these boxes leftover from which rocks were delivered in. Hardwood/oak... very dense wood.

Using a jigsaw and handsaw, I cut out the door and two windows.

I painted the vertical stiles with some paint leftover from the house trim(SW distinct taupe)

Step 2: Flooring and Siding

I used some leftover subfloor(advantex) and pieced them into the floor, fastening into the pallet.

Using a cement blade, I cut up pieces of cement board(james hardie, mountain sage) and attached to the pallet sides. I pre-drilled all holes, using mason bit and then wood bit.

I then added trim of mahogany which is throughout the house interior mouldings.

Step 3: Roof and Deck

Using two sides from another pallet box, I created the the roof. I used hinges to connect the two to get a handle on it, framed it together using 1x3 strapping.

I adhered roof paper on top, then cut up more siding for the roof shingles.

I built a small deck frame from 2 PT 2x4x8's, then created the deck with leftover trex decking.

A ridge cap leftover from the roof ,and some more mahogany trim for aesthetics.

A solar front light, and even a flower box for cuteness.

Step 4: Finishing Touch

I want to keep Luci's brother Loki out, so her name above the door should do the trick.

I found some leftover wire reddish-pink in color - perfect!

I used that to create letters, drilling holes into the cement board to anchor them in.

Step 5: Home Sweet Home!

She loves munching on pine!
Hope this inspires you to make your own...don't get bogged down by details or complications... just do it!

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