Introduction: Easy Duct Tape Flower

Items are 2 duck tape rolls, a pen, and a pair of scissors

BTW, I electrical tape for the black duct tape color only because I couldn't find my black duct tape

Step 1: MaKing a Base

So the first thing you're going to want to make is a base for your flowers so you don't have to attach it to a pen or a pencil or anything. What you were going to do is wrap a piece of tape around the pencil or the pen, sticky side out. Then take another piece of tape roughly the same size as your first one and wrap it around the first piece of tape covering the sticky side. Take one last piece of tape and have it cover one side that is open on your base.

Step 2: Make the Petals

What you were going to do in the step is you were going to take a square of duct tape it doesn't really matter what size it is just try and make it equal to all the other ones are going to be making and then fold two corners down to make a point at the top and continue making many different colors you want or just a one color depending on what type of flower you want to make until you want to put them on and if you aren't happy with the results add more petals or take some off

Step 3: Wrapping the Base

Take all the panels and wrap them around the base. Do this until you have the fatness of the flower you would like

Step 4: You're Done

That was the final step if you want to add a stem that I would suggest gluing it to a straw or a pen or something like that and then you would be done but other than that, you're done