Introduction: Easy Eggs in a Hole

Today i will show you how to make easy eggs in a hole, when I was younger we used to make these almost everyday for breakfast. They are easy to make with little to no cooking experience needed. this is made by cutting a hole in the bread and frying an egg on the inside.


1 medium pan

2 eggs

2 pieces of bread (your choice)

A cup with a diameter less then 3 inches




Step 1: Gather Supplies

Make sure you get everything you need for this instructable

1 medium pan

A stove

2 eggs

2 pieces of bread (your choice)

A cup with a diameter less then 3 inches

Some Butter and lastly a spatula

Step 2: Cut the Holes in the Bread

Take your cup and cut out holes in the center of both pieces of bread.

Make sure to save the holes

Step 3: Add Butter and Bread to Pan

You can now take a little bit of butter into the pan along with your pieces of bread and the inside pieces too.

make sure they are separated and all the pieces have butter on them, both sides. let both sit in the pan for a minute to let the butter melt and the pan get hot.

Step 4: Adding the Eggs

When the pan is hot and the bread is all buttered you can add your eggs, simply crack one egg at a time and add it to the center of the bread repeat for the other piece as well.

Step 5: Flip

after a few minutes your egg should be firm enough to flip, Carefully flip the eggs in a hole, making sure to flip the little circles too. Be careful or you may break the yolks.

Step 6: Let Cool and Enjoy

after flipping and letting cook for a few minutes longer, your eggs in a hole will be complete and ready for you to enjoy. Make sure you let them cool and you turn off the stove. Happy cooking!