Introduction: Bullet Windchime

Today we will be making a Bullet Wind Chime, in this instructable you will be taking old bullets, drilling holes in them attaching fishing line through some CD's to make your very own wind chime.


4-8 old bullet casings, Remember different casings will sound different.

2 old CDs.

Fishing line.

a drill and a small drill bit.

some tape, i'll be using electrical, but it doesn't matter.

some hot glue.

and something to cut your tape and fishing line with.

Step 1: Drill the Holes

For this step you want to drill one hole through each of the bullets. I chose to do it in the bottom, but get creative and drill holes in different spots!

In the CD's I drilled 7 holes in the first, that will be used for the hanging bullets

the second CD I drilled 4 holes for the hanger to attach to

I just eyeballed it for the spacing.

Step 2: Making Your String

in this step you want to cut lengths of fishing line or string to however long you want your bullets to hang down.

I recommend around 12 inches long

Also you should cut 4 slightly shorter lengths of string to attach to the hanger.

Step 3: Stringing It Up

This step is pretty simple, thread the lengths of fishing line through the bullets and CDs

Step 4: Taping It All Up

take the end of the fishing line that's coming out of the bottom of the bullet and use a bit of tape to insure the line doesn't come loose.

after taping all the bullets you can take the other ends and thread them through the CD

last thing is to take the shorter 4 pieces and put them through the other CD

tape all the loose ends up

Step 5: Getting Ready to Glue

Once you have taped up both CD's you can go ahead and apply a hefty amount of hot glue to one, or both CD's and stick them together. let dry and you are almost complete!

Step 6: Hanging It Up

now this part can really be whatever you decide to do in order to hang it up.

I like to tie a knot in all 4 fishing lines so that you can simply hang it off the knot on a branch of a tree outside

you could also hang it using a hook, or even some wire that you have hanging around.

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