Easy Finger Food




Introduction: Easy Finger Food

This is a quick and easy meal or appetizer for a party.

Step 1: Ingredients

Hormel Chili (with or without Beans)
Philadelphia Cream Cheese
Ritz Cracker

Step 2: The Meat!

Prep the steak:
First you will need to add any seasoning to your steak.
We use a simple dash of Salt and Pepper.

Step 3: Cookin It Up

Cook the steak how ever you want.
We chose to use our portable  grill and some charcoal. 

Step 4: That Special Sauce

While you let the steak set for a few minutes so it can retain its juices, you will need to cook the chili according to the directions. 
We use the microwave simple and easy.

Step 5: Its Getting Cheesy

As the chili heats up in the microwave spread some of the cream cheese over the crackers.
The more you put the creamier it is. 

Step 6: The Creation

Once the chili is done you will want to put a spoon full onto each cracker, if you put it on hot it will help melt the cheese a little bit. 

Step 7: Steak Strips, Steak Strips

I like to cut the steak at a nice angle so that it can lay flat on the cracker.

Step 8: The Plating

Add the steak to the top of the cracker.
Be careful and not eat all of them as you make them.

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    10 years ago on Introduction

    Cheese, chili and steak on a cracker? Fantastic! I will have to do this.