Introduction: Easy Fireball Pellet Gun Targets

In this instructable I am going to show you how to make pellet gun targets that shoot a respectable ball of flames when hit. 

Create these targets AT YOUR OWN RISK. Materials include compressed air, flammable liquids, and fire. Dangerous by themselves and downright stupid to put all together. I ASSUME NO RESPONSIBILITY FOR WHAT YOU DO.

Now, with all that unpleasantness out of the way, let's have some fun.

Step 1: Materials

Plastic bottle with lid (Ive found that PLASTIC beer bottles work well)

Pneumatic valve (I used an all-metal version from truck wheels)

Pellet gun and pellets (pointed for best results)

Lighter fluid or tiki torch fluid

Air Compressor

Compressor adaptor that fits your valve

small oil lamp (im not going to go over how to make this because there are a million different ways to make one that will work perfectly,
all it requires is some scrap metal and a piece of cotton fabric, see picture)

Lighter, matches, etc.
Tools to assemble it all (a wrench) 
(again, I'm sorry the pictures are sideways)

Step 2: Assembly

These targets are stupidly simple to make. Sadly I don't have any pictures of the assembly so if anything is unclear just comment below and I'll do my best to explain better.

The magic behind the explosion is compressed air in the bottle and to achieve that we need to put a valve in the lid of the bottle, like a bike tire. To do this simply drill a hole the size of your valve stem in the lid of the bottle and attacth it how you like to make it air-tight, mine had a nut and rubber washers. 

And that's it. That's al the assembly required. 

Step 3: How to Use

To use your hi-tech new target you simply put an inch of lighter fluid into the bottom of the bottle, tighten the lid and fill it up with 50-80psi (I have tested thick plastic beer bottles without fluid in them and they've held 120psi but that choice is yours) This is where the oil lamp comes in, place the bottle a few inches behind the lamp and light the wick. (The oil lamp could be replaced by incendiary rounds but thats a bit too much for one instructable) Now if you shoot the bottle where the fluid is (or even a bit above it) the fluid with shoot out with the compressed air and presto! instant fireball. The more fluid you put in the bottle the easier the shot and the bigger the fireball. I'm cheap so I only put in an inch or two at most. 

Step 4: Closing Thoughts

A few problems I've run into and fixed:
No fluid coming out with the air. Solution: Shoot lower or add more fluid.
Air blows out lamp. Solution: Use hotter-burning lamp oil, less psi, or move the lamp further away. 
Bottle isn't punctured (this one was a pain) Solution, hollowpoint pellets or less psi. 

If you don't want a fireball just don't add the fluid, instant decompression is still a pretty fun target. 

Be safe, have fun, and happy shooting!