Introduction: Easy Fitness Gains

Easy Fitness Gains

Step 1: The Rock

Have you ever wanted to look like the dudes on a Sports Illustrated magazine? Of course you have! Well here is an Instructable that is perfect and made just for you! In this Instructable you can and will find out the best way to make the biggest GAINS in the shortest amount of time. You will also learn on what things are good to eat, and how to many hours to sleep at night to get the best results possible. Some other information includes: Time management, how to either gain or lose mass, and achieving your goals.

Step 2: Diet

Diet: Many people think that the bodybuilding world starts and ends in the gym and there is not much more to it. To say the truth, bodybuilding is approximately 40% made in the gym and 60% affected by diet, but this depends on what your goals are.

Here is a an example below for you too see what a healthy diet looks like:

(This is only for Dinner)

Monday / Tuesday / Wednesday / Thursday / Friday / Saturday / Sunday

Steak / Salad / Vegetables / Fish / Wholewheat bread / Eggs / 1 Cheat day :D

Cheat Day: A cheat day is when you are allowed to eat anything you want, for example McDonald's or some other type of fast food.

Step 3: Sleep


Sleep is one of the most important factors in bodybuilding. When you sleep, your body is repairing the muscle fibers you broke down during a workout session, this is called muscle hypertrophy. Furthermore, when regenerating your body adds a bigger layer of muscle. That is why sleep is one of the key factors to building muscle. It also regulates the mood, which is important too, since you want to be motivated to go workout, and not be tired and cranky all the time. There is no perfect amount of time to sleep, because it varies on the person, but on average you need to be sleeping around 8-11 hours a day. This is because then your muscles get time rebuild, and will not ache the next day.

Step 4: Willpower and Motivation

Motivation/Willpower: To be successful in building the perfect body, you need to have a lot of willpower. Willpower is the key to everything, since you have to be motivated to achieve your goals. For example if you are down and don’t want to train, you should try and motivate yourself so you will want to go workout and get some gains. With motivation, there will be no end to your bodybuilding cycle.

Step 5: Exersize 1 (Benchpress)

Bench Press:

Select appropriate weight and attach it to the bar

Sit on the bench

Pull your shoulder blades (back) together so they won’t move during your exercise, and the weight will be set on your chest

Lay on the bench (Have a friend as a spotter if you are inexperienced)

Set your arms in an L position, and have your arms be further out than your shoulders, meaning that you have to pull your arms behind your shoulders

Straightly push the weight up, and then let it fall forwards.

After that gently let the weight go down, and let it touch your chest For optimal results, get between 10-15 reps

Step 6: Exersize 2 (Bicep Curl)

Biceps Curl: (for single or both arm curl)

Select appropriate weight

Go over to an inclined bench (if you want to you can also stand up)

Rotate your arms so your opened hand faces forward

Now Curl the weights upwards

Get the weights all the way up, so your biceps is fully contracted

Then slowly let your arm go down

Try and do between 10-15 repetitions

Tip: Do NOT swing into the exercise, because then you will not use your full power

Step 7: Exersize 3 (Military Press)

Military Press: (also called shoulder press) It is similar to a bench press just this time its for shoulders

Select appropriate weight for the exercise

Go over to an inclined bench and sit down

Rotate your hands so your palms are facing forward

Get your dumbbells to parallel to your shoulders or shoulder height

Exhale and push the dumbbells upwards (until you lock out)

Pause at this position, and then go back down

Repeat these steps 10-15 times

Step 8: How to Correctly Do Pushups