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I love the idea of having a plant wall in my room but didn’t want to severely damage the wall or deal with dirt. I saw a lot of projects that had bottles mounted on the wall but there was no way to easily take them down to change the water. My design lets you easily clip the bottles into the wall and only needs 2 small nails into the wall to mount them.

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Step 1: Design the Bottle Clip

I used Tinkercad to design the clip that goes around the neck of the bottle. Tinkercad is super beginner friendly so check out the video above to follow along with the design. You can also access the file directly here.

Step 2: 3D Print the Clip

I use the Flashforge Dreamer which is super reliable and has been running for over a year without any problems. It’s printed in PLA at low resolution and I think they turned out great!

I tested them on the neck of the bottle and they fit snugly so I printed 2 more.

Step 3: Recycle Some Wood

All of my projects use recycled wood and I found this pile next to a grocery store. I didn’t need much so I just took the small board with some good looking boards on the back side. I used a hammer to carefully pop them off and wiped them down with a damp paper towel.

Step 4: Cut the Wood

I like the look of hexagon accents with the bottles so I printed out a hexagon and traced it onto the wood with a pencil. I don’t have a workshop (yet) so I just cut these in front of my apartment and swept up the sawdust afterward. This jigsaw isn’t the best one out there but it’s super cheap and if you’re going to sand the wood, it gets the job done well.

Step 5: Sand the Wood

I was left with a lot of chipped wood on the edges of the hexagon so I just ran some medium grit sandpaper over the edges until it looked smooth. I tried to round the edges a bit as well to give it a soft feel.

Step 6: Paint the Wood

I wanted a more contrasting color than the natural grain of the wood so I used this metallic finish spray paint to give it a shiny rose gold color. I spray paint wood all the time since you only need one coat and the paint dries in about 5 minutes so it’s really easy to keep moving with your project.

Step 7: Mount the Clips

I used a sharpie to mark the hexagons where the holes are for the 3D printed clip and drilled a pilot hole with a ⅛” bit. Pay attention to what you are drilling into behind your hexagon since you don't want to accidentally drill into your table. I saved my table by just placing a scrap piece of wood under the hexagon.

Use the screws to mount the clip to the hexagon and tighten them down.

Step 8: Set the Nails

I didn’t want giant holes in my wall so I decided to use small nails pounded in at an angle. This is similar to hanging a picture frame and can handle a surprising amount of weight!

Pound the nails into the hexagon until you see the tip of the nail just pop out the other side. Now you are ready to hold them up to the wall and pound them in place.

Step 9: Mount the Bottles

Arrange the hexagons however you want them and pound the nails into the wall. Make sure the back of the hexagon is all the way up against the wall otherwise it may look like it’s floating off the wall when you’re done.

These clips are surprisingly strong! I filled a bottle all the way with water and there was no sign of it slipping out of the clip!

Now you can put your flowers into the bottles with water up to the stems. Clip them in and you are all done. Enjoy your new flower wall!

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