Introduction: Easy Fluffy Potato Dinner Rolls

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Hi everyone! Today is going to be a easy one, Fluffy Potato Dinner Rolls! These rolls are so incredible, you just have to give them a try. So delicate, so airy and with a slight saltiness from the butter, whether it's a side to your main dish or on it's own, you and your guest will wipe the whole tray clean.

So let's get to it shall we? :D

Step 1: Ingredients


2 medium size Russet potatoes, washed and peeled

3 cups of all purpose flour

2 tablespoon of white granulated sugar

1 teaspoon of salt

4 tablespoon of soften salted butter

3/4 cup of whole milk

1 egg

1 packet ( 2 and 1/2 teaspoon) of rapid rise yeast

1/2 cup of warm water


1/4 cup of milk (for washing before baking)

3 table spoon of salted butter, melted (for brushing baked buns)

Culinary brush

Step 2: Cook & Mashed Potatoes & Bloom Your Yeast


First, boil your washed and peeled potatoes in a pot until fork tender. Cutting them into cubes will cook them faster. Once the potatoes are tender enough to be pierce easily with a fork, remove from heat and drain the water.

Immediately mashed them with a masher/ricer or fork until nice and smooth. Set aside and cool a little.

Next, bloom your one packet of yeast with 1/2 of warm water. Stir and wait for 10 to 15 minutes until it is tall and frothy.

Step 3: Mix All the Ingredients Together

Scoop only 1 cup of the mashed potatoes from the pot. (you may either discard or eat the few leftover mashed potatoes)

In a large mixing bowl, pour all of your ingredients together.

Step 4: Mix & Gather

Using your hands, start mixing the ingredients inside your bowl. It will look overly wet at first, but continue mixing the dry ingredients together and it should come together slowly.

Once it starts to clump up into one mass, flour your work surface with some flour. Dump your dough and also ensure to dust some flour at the top of your sticky dough too.

This dough is relatively sticky, just sprinkle a little bit of flour if it gets too impossible to work with. Alternatively, having a plastic bench scraper will help, scraping any dough stuck on your work surface.

Step 5: Knead Into a Ball

As you slowly gather your dough it will start turning into a loose ball.

Add a little more sprinkling of flour and then start kneading for 5 minutes.

Continue kneading until it forms a tight ball. It's alright if the dough has a few bits of potatoes on the surface. Once baked, these small bits will disappear.

Step 6: Proof

Place your dough ball in a clean large mixing bowl and cover with saran wrap.

Let rise/proof for one hour until it doubles in size.

Step 7: Time to Make Rolls!

Once doubled in size, remove and discard the plastic wrap.

Punch the air out of your dough.

You also need to have a 9 by 13 pan or any baking vessel you wish to baked it in.

Step 8: Roll 'em Away

Flour your work surface to prevent any sticking.

Turn over your dough and cut them into 16 equal pieces.

Roll each small dough into a tight little ball and then place them into your 9 by 13 in baking pan.

If you ran out of space, you could use other smaller baking pans to baked them in.

Next, place them in a TURN OFF oven and let them rise in it for 45 minutes to an hour until it doubles in size.

Step 9:

Once your rolls doubled in sized, remove them from your oven.

Turn the empty oven on and preheat to 375 degrees Fahrenheit.

Brush the rolls lightly and gently with milk.

Step 10: Bake

Bake them at 375 for twenty minutes or until light golden brown on top.

Do not overbake this buns or they will turn out dry and crusty.

Step 11: Butter 'em Buns

Once baked and light golden brown in color, brushed them with melted butter, as little or generous as you wish.

Serve immediately.

And you are done, enjoy!!

Step 12:

This buns are incredibly soft and have a light crust that will soften up shortly after being brushed by butter.

For storage (if there's any left that is, which I highly doubt!), I encourage that you wrap them up in pairs with a saran wrap at room temperature for no more than two days. Because they are so tender, ensure to keep them in a container if you are packing them for lunch because any slight bump will squish them easy!

Step 13:

Squish..and it will rise back up!

Step 14:

Step 15:

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