Introduction: Easy Fortune Teller Flowers

These cool and easy flowers are good for pretty much anything! Giving as a gift or decorating for centerpiece at a table. Whatever the case these flowers are quick and easy.

Step 1: What Do You Need?

All you need for this project is three pieces of origami paper. One green piece of paper, one piece of cream or yellow paper, and one piece of purple, pink or white paper.

Step 2: Fortune Teller Part :)

If you already know how to make a fortune teller then you can skip this part.

First fold the paper in half diagonally. Then fold it in half again on the opposite side as shown in the pictures.

Fold each of the corners into the middle so it will be a slightly smaller square.

Flip the square over and fold in the corners again.

Smooth out the square and fold it in half both ways.

Pull out the flaps that are underneath until it looks like the last two pictures.

Step 3: How to Make the Fortune Teller Look Like a Flower

Take the flaps and fold them upward do this on all the flaps.

Spread them out so they are flat on your hard surface.

Step 4: Green Fortune Teller

Make a second fortune teller from the green paper.

Step 5: Make the Leaves

Once you have your 2nd fortune teller fold back the flaps like you did with the first one.

Once you have folded back the flaps take the corner of the flap and fold it so the green side is showing so it's green on white.

Do this on all the flaps.

Flip the paper over.

Fold in those flaps and make a crease.

Then pull them out slightly so it will look like a little table.

Step 6: Attach the Flower

Put the flower on the "stand".

Pull the little corner flaps out from under the flower and attach the flower on all four corners.

Step 7: Make Center

Fold corners of cream paper into center (it does not need to be perfect)

Flip the paper over and crumple everything so there is not white showing.

Or just crumple it up in the first place :)

Place it in the center of the flower.

Step 8: And...... POW!!! Your Done!

Now you have these beautiful flowers. Your ready for anything (except a zombie apocalypse)!

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