Introduction: Easy Garden Boxes 101

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 So you would like to have a small easy garden well if you have a couple tools you can get this project done in about 45 minutes.

Step 1: Materials


4 heavy duty L brackets

24  1 inch galvanized wood screws

2 8 foot 2 by 6's (I used cedar wood but you can use whatever you want but dont use the treated wood or else your plants will die because of the chemicals in the wood)

1 drill

2 people

1 miter saw (or table saw)

Step 2: Cutting

 Okay if you are looking at this step you  probably have all of the materials, so now you need to cut the wood (not the cheese.........I know that was corny) so you need to measure the wood and you are going to cut the wood EXACTLY in half so if it is an 8 ft piece then after cutting it you SHOULD have two 4ft pieces   

Step 3: Squaring It Up

 okay  so now it is time to square it up so it looks nice. So you want to take your 4 pieces of 4ft wood and lay it out (no screwing yet) like in the picture below. REMEMBER it is okay to overlap the wood (shown in the picture)

Step 4: Drilling the L Braces

 Okay hopefully you are experienced with drilling sideways because that is what you are going to be doing for 24 screws. So you have you drill and this is where the second person comes in the second person is going to keep the brace in place while you drill (or vice versa) just make sure you drill the braces in starting with the bottom right corner then the top left then the top right then the bottom left. (cross bracing) you also want to make sure the person holding the brace has the brace EXACTLY in the middle of the wood and you also have to make sure that the person is holding the brace flush against the wood.

Step 5: Placing

 Now your creativity comes in you can take this "box" anywhere in your yard and place it then plant things in it (fill it with top soil then mulch after you place it/ or you could fill it with sand for the kids so they have a sand box) 

Have fun!!!!!

Step 6: New Achievement

 I just realized this but this is the ONLY ible that has ME in it (so far) 

Thank you for those comments that kept me going and continue to keep me somewhat creative.

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