Introduction: Easy Hack RC to RC & BT Car Using Linkit One

I like Blue tooth Car but its cost high here. So plan to change a RC car to blue tooth car. Because i purchase a new RC car just (6 $) for my baby. But the problem is if i converted to blue tooth then i want to give my mobile for my baby to play. So i don't want take risk. So to over come that i plan the RC car must control from both RC and BT. If i want i use it in blue tooth. If i my baby want she use it in her remote supply with the car.

Step 1: Materials Required

1) RC car.

2) Linkit one Board with Blue tooth antenna.

3) Relay control board (I use a 12v relay module, if u use 3v relay module then it is portable).

4) PCB male and female connector.

5) Plain PCB

6) Arduino Bluetooth RC Car app Free download.

Step 2: Open Remote to Check

1) Take the remote.

2) Unscrew the remote carefully.

3) Remove the antenna.

4) Remove the PCB screws.

5) Check the circuit.

6) Found Battery minus is going to all the push buttons.

So want to use a 4 switches control using bluetooth to control the car. The switch must be a relay module or any circuit. If use relay module it occupy more space and it need separate power supply. So for portable i use a optocoupler circuit board.

Step 3: Prepare PCB for Remote

1) Take a plain PCB.

2) Put the remote cover hand side over the PCB.

3) Draw the out line.

4) Cut the PCB as per drawing.

5) Make hole where pieces provided for screws. This holes hold the PCB in the same place.

6) Take a 5 pin Female PCB connector. Solder on the board.

Step 4: Remote PCB Wiring

1) Solder a wire from negative lead of the battery to and one side first pin of the female connector.

2) Solder wires from each push button of the PCB. In the PCB Solder the wires in the output of the button.

3) Cut the side of the Remote controller carefully not bigger than the Female connector. I cut half in the top and half in the button cover so it's in the middle.

4) Correct the wire flow after screw the PCB.

5) Re-screw the Remote.

Step 5: Remote Function Checking Video

1) Plug a wire on the negative of the female connector.

2) shot it with all other pins and check the function.

See the video

Step 6: Make Connector Wire and Setup

Wire Strip - 1

1) Take 5 Wires and solder one side with Male connector and other side with female connector.

2) Male connector to connect with Gnd, Digitalpin 10,11,12,13 of the Linkit one board.

3) Female connector to connect with the Relay module pins GND,1,2,3,4.

4) Plug the Optocoupler board to the linkit one Digitla side.

Wire Strip - 2

1) Take 5 Wires and solder one side with Male connector.

2) Connect other side wires 4 nos to the NO of the relay modules. and one wire to the com of one relay and link all the relay commons together.

3) The male connector is used to plug in the Remote.

Step 7: Package

1) Package all the circuits in to a single box.

2) First paste the relay module in the bottom of the box and take wire to remote through the box side.

3) Take the relay module supply through other side. (If use 3V relay module then no need for separate power supply then it is portable. I use 12v relay module so i use external power supply)

4) Take link it one board with bluetooth antenna and battery pack.

5) Paste the battery below the Board.

6) Paste the while assembly over the relay module relay.

7) Bend the Antenna to fit inside the box.

8) Close the cover and now its ready to use

Step 8: Coding

1) Already get the characters received from the android program for each tilt.

2) So use the if command to low high the corresponding digital pins to control the car.

3) Upload the program in Linkit one.

Step 9: Connecting

1) Connect the male connector from the controller box to Remove controller female connector.

2) Switch on the Linkit one and relay module(If use only 3V relay module then no problem only switch on the linkit one board).

3) Open the Arduino Bluetooth RC Car app on the Android mobile.

4) Connect to the link it one board and play.

Step 10: Testing Video

See the Testing video

Step 11: Use It Like This-Remote


Step 12: OR Like This-Blue Tooth


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