Introduction: Easy Handmade Pesto Ravioli

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I have had this pasta roller as a gift sitting in my kitchen
Since it was a rainy day, I decided to open it up and roll out some pasta
This pasta is very easy to make and used materials you already have
You could also hand roll out the pasta instead of using a pasta roller
This is a great idea if it is rainy outside or you have a lot of time
The filling of the ravioli can be anything, but my favorite is pesto and I have a lot of it

Step 1: Ingredients

100 grams all purpose flour

1 egg

Any filling like pesto, tomatoes sauce, or cheese


And that's it

Step 2: Making the Dough

Get out your 100 grams of flour and place in a bowl
Make a well in the flour
Add in one egg and mix with a fork until all the flour is gone and e mixture is crumbly
Pour out your dough on to your work surface and start kneading it together until a tough ball of dough forms

Step 3: Rolling Out the Dough

Get your pasta roller or rolling pin and start flattening the dough a bit
I cut the total dough in half so it is easier to handle
For the first roll, I used the level 3 on the pasta roller
And start increasing the number after each roll
After the first roll, fold your dough in half and place into the pasta roller
Remember to always flour your dough
Continue to roll, fold, flour and increase the level on the pasta roller for 6 times until you get a smooth dough
After you have roller out your dough on the 9 level, get it out of the machine and lay it flat on a floured surface
Get a circular object like a cup and start placing the cup on top of the dough and pressing it down
Continue doing this until you get enough pieces to make the ravioli
2 dough circles make one ravioli

Step 4: Making the Ravioli

Get a dough circle and dust off the extra flour
Lay it down on your work surface and place a little bit of filling into the middle of the dough
Dip your finger in water and wet it around the dough circle
Place another dough circle on top and flatten the sides
To make it more secure do a fold at the ends of the ravioli
After you have made all of your ravioli, place it in salted boiling water or in a plastic container into the refridgerator

Step 5: Results

Drizzle some of your favorite sauce on top of the prepared ravioli and enjoy
This ravioli is easy to make and tastes delicious
The pasta actually tastes a lot better than the prepared pasta
I hope you try out this easy recipes on a rainy day or if you want to try something new
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