Introduction: Easy Helloween Pumpkin in the Office

If you want to make a traditional Helloween celebration in the office, but want to make it more secure hust use office tools and stuff to cut the Pumpkin and see how we did it easily

Step 1: Choose a Pumpkin

Choose a small and a nice clean pumpkin  to make it easy to  bring it to the office :)

Step 2: Draw a Pumpkin Face

Use an office marker to draw a pumpkin face

Step 3: First Cut

Using an office kichen or office paper knife cut the pumpkin along the marker lines

Step 4: Make Eyes, Nose and Mouth

Cut the pupmkin deeper using office kitchen or office paper knife

Step 5: Take Out Pupkin Internals

Using an office kitchen knife, your tea spoon and  ikea tea strainer  take out all th pupkin internals. It's important to store it in a plastic bag and put to the office trash bin :)

Step 6: Finally Cut the Eyes, Nose and Mouth

Using and office paper knife cut deeper pumpkin's eyes, nose and mouth and clean the corners

Step 7: Put a Lighter Inside

Use a small safe candle, lighter or an electric light to put inside the pupkin

Step 8: Attach a Hat, Done From Office Plant Cover

Use any stuff you want (i.e. office plant cover) to make a hat for the pumpkin
Helloween Office Pupkin is ready
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