Introduction: Easy Home Made Pizza🍕!

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Hey! This is my very first instructable and I have decided to make a simple home made paneer pizza using easily accessible ingredients. I hope you like it :)

You can try to make with other stuffings too!

Step 1: Ingredients🧂

Gather your tools and ingredients. You will need the following:


1) Wheat Flour

2)Baking Powder

3)Refine oil/Butter

4)Salt & Sugar



7)Dried Red Chillies



10)Capsicum(bell paper)



13)Black pepper

14)Chilli Flakes

15)Fenugreek (kasuri methi)

16)Soya Sauce


First take 2 tomatoes, 4 pieces of garlic & 3 dried red chilies, if you want you can take more dried red chilies. Then boil all this ingredients for 10 to 15 minutes. After this take a pan a pour 2 tsp refine oil in medium flame ,then put the sauce in it and pour 2 tsp soya sauce in it. At last add salt and sugar in the sauce according to taste and our pizza sauce is ready!


First take 4 cup wheat flour and add 3 tsp oil/butter, 1 tsp baking powder, salt & sugar according to taste. Then mix these ingredients in the flour and after mixing the flour with water(room temperature), knead it until it becomes smooth and not sticky. After that keep the dough in aair tight container for 1 to 2 hrs.

Step 4: Preparing Pizza Base

Once the dough is smooth and elastic, start by forming it into your desired shape. I made a round shape as you can see in my post , if you want you can also make rectangular shape.Once you form it into the desired shape, prick the dough with a fork . Then, spread oil/ butter in the non stick pan and bake for 5 minutes and our pizza base is ready.


For stuffings we have to take capsicum (bell peper), onion, panner( additional) and cheese and cut into small pieces. I used normal sliced cheese, if you wish you can use mozzarella cheese also.

Step 6: Pizza Is Ready😋!

  • And here, spread pizza sauce on the base and pour vegetables and cheese on it and also pour some olive oil in it. Then bake it for 1 to 2 minutes for, take it out when the cheese is about to melt. Now our pizza is ready to eat, you can serve with spreading some seasoning in it. ENJOY IT!