Introduction: Easy Homemade Portable Fan

Ahhh! The fresh cool air in the blazing heat of the summer :) In this Instructable, you can easily make a portable fan with a few basic materials in a matter of minutes. Let's get started!


  • Hot Glue (If you want to use another glue, make sure it is strong and is not flammable)
  • Battery Holder (The more batteries you can put into the holder, the faster your fans will run - mine only had 2 batteries and it worked great)
  • Batteries (Make sure they fit your battery holder)
  • Motor (Pretty cheap - I got mine from an RC Car that I took apart)
  • Selfie Stick
  • Wires and Alligator Clips (If your battery holder does not include them)
  • Propeller (I got mine from a drone but they only cost a few cents online)

Step 1: Starting With the Propellers

To start off, we will attach the propellors to the motor backward. Doing this will allow the propellers to push the air towards you instead of away. Look at the picture if you are confused.

Step 2: Add the Batteries

Now we will add the batteries. If you do not have the wires or alligator clips connected or if they broke off, solder them on or you could try using hot glue to glue the wires on but make sure that the wires touch the metal otherwise it won't work.

Step 3: Gluing the Motor to the Battery Holder

We are almost done! Glue the motor to the battery case. Make sure there is a way for you to clip the alligator clips to the motor. Try implementing your own solution such as adding bent paperclips to hold the motor up.

Step 4: The Last Step

The last step! Attach the battery holder to the selfie stick just like you would a phone, Clip on the alligator clips but make sure the propellers DO NOT hit you. If you don't feel anything, try switching the wires to the other side. Extend the stick and enjoy the nice cool air! Thank you so much.

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