Introduction: Easy Kite Launcher.

It happens many times that fast wind is blowing over a slightly higher height but we don't have that much strength to throw our kite that much high. Whatever the reason is, this thing is fun to use...

Step 1: Things Needed :

Not much, 
1. A small piece of Aluminium wire 
2. Kite (small to medium size, paper made)
3. Big rubber band
4. Glue (optional)
5. A square piece of kite paper (optional; cut it out from another kite if your don't have)

Step 2: Metal Bending :

I'm not going to waste your time on this easy step, just bend the wire in this shape.
The 'Fat' head shape isn't necessary.

Step 3: Main Step of This Launcher :

This will be the main part because here, you will make the 'hook' that will hold your rubber band when you will pull it. 
First, insert the hook into the kite, on the top side (side with the frames visible) of the frame-intersection, with one leg on the left, and other on the right side of the vertical stick (as shown).
Second, (on the other side of the kite) bend the right leg, towards the bottom-left part of the intersection, and the left leg, to the bottom-right part of the intersection (like a cross) and put both legs back into the kite so that their ends are back on the top side.
Third, bend the remaining length of the wire, tightly around the horizontal stick of the intersection. 
If you have extra length left, you can either loop the whole horizontal stick again to make the hook stronger or go half way around the stick and cut out the remaining part. 

Once done, bend the head towards the bottom part of the kite.

It should look something like this in the end, leaving the head on the top and I hope the picture shows you clearly how to bend.

Note : If you have your own methods, then you can surely use it, but make sure that the hook has a holding strong with the kite, otherwise the whole launcher won't work without a firm hook.

Step 4: Patching Up the Hole :

I'm pretty sure you must have made a hole in the kite, it's pretty obvious as the kite paper is quite delicate.
To patch it up : 
Picture 1 : Take a square piece of kite paper. 
Picture 2 : Glue it near its edges. 
Picture 3 : Seal the hole by attaching it on the hole, at the bottom side of the kite (as shown).
Picture 4 : Let it dry.

Step 5: Congratulations !

You've finished it ! 
Now, if you want to know how to shoot your kite,
First, stretch the rubber band with your index and thumb finger of your left hand (right hand if you're a left handed person).
Then, the hook of the kite, put it in front of the front side of the rubber band.
After that pull the rubber band with the help of the hook, by holding the tail of the kite. 
Aim upwards and...
Shoot ! 
Check the Instructable below for better shooting instructions :

I've uploaded the 'gif' file as proof that this thing works.

Note : When you tie strings to it, tie it to the back side or the non-framed side of the kite.  Because, the second person (who will launch the kite) and the first person (who will control the kite) cannot be on the same side. Both of them have to be on the different sides of the kite. The second person will launch from the framed side and the controller will control from the non-framed side.
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