Introduction: Easy Kite

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This is light and simple paper kite and flies really great.

This instruction shows how to make a kite thinking that you know how to use thread for flying.


Thin paper of your desired size

A flat about 4-5 mm wide bamboo stick for center of the kite.

A non flat about 2-4 mm thick bamboo stick for arch shape.

Glue, pair of scissors, thread for flying.

Step 1: Cutting Paper...

Take a rectangular paper of desired size.

Join opposite ends so that it should look like triangle then excess paper should be cut, see the third image.

Step 2: The Vertical Stick..

A flat bamboo still need to be glued in the middle of the paper as vertical stick.

Apply small papers on top, middle and bottom so that the stick will not come out.

Step 3: Curved Stick...

A little soft bamboo stick is used so that it can be bent as shown.

Make sure when you make an arc it will not break.

First, apply at one edge of a kite and let it dry. You may use additional same paper small piece to make it little string.

Next, fix the other end, take some one's help to hold the end fixed end.

Apply and small square paper of approx. 1 inch at the junction of two sticks cross so that it holds properly.

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