Introduction: Powered High Quality Speakers

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20 watts high quality woofer and tweeter with built in power amplifier with single volume control.

Step 1: Measure and Cut MDF Board

Based on the size of the speaker cut board to make box.

Step 2: Make Box

Make box to hold amplifier circuit board , transformer and another box without amplifier and transformer.

Step 3: Paint the Box

Rub the box with 220 sand paper to smooth the surface and apply spray paint of your choice,

Step 4: Mechanical Part Assembly

Using aluminum sheet, make appropriate hole to hold volume control pot, RCA sockets, heat sink and fix it with screw or nut bolts.

Step 5: Inside Mechanical Parts

Make correct connections for RCA sockets from the amplifier board.

Step 6: Fix Transformer

In the bog box fix the transformer with screws and connect main power cable and power to amplifier.

Step 7: Fix Speakers

Connect woofer and tweeter with network divider board from output of amplifier.

Step 8: Creating Logo

This is my logo Sp, you create your logo with the same aluminum sheet used for RCA sockets

Step 9: Enjoy Powered Speakers

Your final speaker is ready.

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