Introduction: Easy Lampshade Using Fusion 360 and a Laser Cutter

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For some time now, I needed a lampshade for my bedroom, this presented as a good opportunity for a new project.
I was a user from a different CAD program, not every time in a legal way :). I also never really tried to use Fusion 360 in a proper way, so other good argument to try it this time.

Step 1: Materials Needed

A few materials are necessary.

  • Old IKEA lamp holder
  • Balsa wood or Polycarbonate

Step 2: Fusion 360

It would be complicated to explain steps in creating this projects, it would be much more easy to see it in a video.

Note: If you have problems in understanding the steps at normal video speed, you can slow down it in Youtube video definitions.

Step 3: Laser Cut It

After designing the lampshade, I exported to DXF file format and when to my local Fablab. In my case it is only necessary to import and setup the settings.

Check what file formats are allowed in your laser cutter service, because it may be necessary to use additional steps to convert this file format to be other suitable for laser cutter.

Step 4: Assemble It

Just press all parts in the slots.

Step 5: Place It in the Celling

ATTENTION: In this part you will be working with Hazardous Voltages, be careful and work safe

  1. Turn OFF the circuit breaker that is connected to this light point.
  2. Connect Neutral and Phase wires
  3. Turn ON the circuit breaker
  4. Test if the lamp with the normal wall switch

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