Introduction: Easy Laser Pen Weapon...

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This is only a safety weapon and should be used under supervision.

It can be used as a fun toy and can be shot up, high in the sky.(but always be careful)

Lets get into it guys..

Step 1: Materials Required for This Cool Project

1.A hollow pen with refill

2.two rubber band(one big and other small)

3.pen grip(optional)


5.A adult to look after your activities :)

Step 2: Attaching the Rubber Band

1.Attach the big rubber band to the pen with the help of the smaller one as illustrated in image 1.

2.Attach the laser to the pen either by using the pen grip or the same small rubber band as illustrated in image 2.

Step 3: Make the Point Head..

1.Take two triangular shaped cardboard pieces

2.Make a cut on the top and the bottom respectively.

3.Attach the as shown in image 2.

4.Put them on the head of the refill.

Step 4: How to Use..

Pull the rubber band along with the refill and then release to shoot..

The refill can also be shot high in the sky and is fun to watch..

Aim with the laser for better results

Please help with new ideas

Step 5: Precaution

1.Do not aim at a person

2.Do not test on animals

3.Do not aim on walls

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