Introduction: Easy Lemon Peel Juice

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A easy,sweet,delicious,cold and refreshing lemon drink made from lemon peels. With a slight bitter taste it can really give you a boost during hot days. You will most likely drink it chilled, but if it's winter you can even try it hot. Enjoy with ice,ginger,mint or anything you like.
Sometimes you make lemon sorbet or normal lemon juice using lemons, but you don't use the peels. Now there is an amazing and delicious way of using them! Don't worry if it sounds too bitter and sour, it tastes really nice! Try it out!

Step 1: Gather Supplies.


  1. Lemon Peels
  2. Boiling Water
  3. White Sugar (You can also use brown sugar or other sugars)

You will also need:

  1. A Pot
  2. A Wooden Spoon
  3. Kitchen Measuring Tools
  4. A Cloth

And the rest you can add yourself (Example: Mint,Ginger,ice and whatsoever you like)

Step 2: Throw the Lemon Peels Into the Pot and Add Boiling Water.

How much water? Just add water till it covers the lemon peels. The more lemon peels, the more water.

Note: Before you start, wash the lemon peels,mint,etc.

Step 3: Add Sugar to Taste.

I added about a cup of sugar, But the more lemon peels you have the the more sugar you should add, so you should work it out yourself.

Remember: You can always add less sugar, or even more to make a syrup.You can also add more or less water.

Step 4: Add Mint,ginger or What You Want To.

Step 5: Turn Knob to Highest Level and Let Boil.

Step 6: Dissolve All Sugar.

Step 7: Let It Boil for a While, Then Turn Knob to Lowest Level.

Step 8: Let It Stay There for About 15-30 Minutes.

This is to get the taste out of the lemon peels.

Step 9: Now, Throw It Through the Cloth Into the Glass Jug.

Step 10: Let It Cool Down Before Inserting It Into the Refrigerator.

Step 11: Let It Chill.

Step 12: Take Out of Refrigerator and Enjoy!

Have fun and Enjoy your refreshing drink with ice and mint!

Step 13: Thanks!

Thanks for taking your time to look at my instructable!

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