Introduction: Easy Lemonade Slushie!!

Hello everyone! I am sharing my recipe on how to make an easy lemonade slushie! You might want to change some parts of the recipe to match your taste, but the overall result is worth it!


6 lemons

2 Tablespoons of sugar

2 cups of water

20 ice cubes

3 cups

Lemon squeezer

Glass (to mix everything in)

Blender (to crush ice)

Step 1: Squeeze the Lemons!

Use the knife to cut all 6 lemons. (You should use a cutting mat to make sure you don't scratch the table!) After that, use your lemon squeezer to get the juice from all of the slices. (you might have to press hard for larger slices!)

Step 2: Add the Water!

Next, we have to add water. To find out how much water you need, measure the amount of lemon juice, and then multiply it by 2. I added 2 cups of water because I had 1 cup of lemon juice. (add more water to make it less sour)

Step 3: Add the Sugar!

Next up, we have to add 2 tablespoons of sugar. After your pour in the sugar, stir for 10 seconds. I added 2 tablespoons because I added 2 cups of water. Now we have lemonade, but don't drink it yet!!!(Add more sugar to make it sweeter)

Step 4: Crush the Ice!

Next, get the ice! We want to have the same amount of ice as we have lemonade. (Ex: My drink is 3 cups of lemonade, so I added 3 cups of ice)

Now, put the ice in a blender and turn it on the crush ice setting. (if your blender doesn't have that setting, then use the pulse mode setting and pulse for 2-3 second intervals)

Keep on crushing ice until it looks like the picture attached.

Step 5: Pour in the Ice!

Finally, pour in the ice into the lemonade glass and stir.

You are done!

now you can drink the slushie!*

*before the ice melts

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