Introduction: Easy Light Summer Make Up

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Super easy makeup, ideal for summer as it isn't too heavy. I have really bad hay fever but I can cope with this make up fine.

Step 1: Clean Moisturised Face!

You want to have a nice fresh face, then just moisturise. Use whatever it is you like to use and make sure you use small gentle circular motions!

Step 2: Foundation and Blusher!

I have freckles so I find heavy foundation makes my skin look awful so I use ivory dream matt mousse as it's light, easy to apply and smooth. I use the minimal amount possible to avoid getting blocked pours if you sweat. Then I just add my blusher along my cheek bones. I use a small amount of a pinky coloured blusher.

Step 3: Eyebrows!

Now I know I should use a eyebrow pencil but I don't like the way it looks, so I just add a small amount of brown eyeshadow just to fill them out slightly. Then I add white eyeshadow underneath.

Step 4: Eye Shadow and Eyeliner!

So I just fill the middle of my eye lid with a light brown eyeshadow. Then I place white in the corners. Lastly I put a deal brown in the outer corners and blend it with the light brown. I also put a little dark brown along the crease of my eye lid. Then I add a thin line of eyeliner with a small flick. To do this I use gel eyeliner but you can use whatever you like.

Step 5: Done!

Add some good lip balm to protect you lips from the sun and you're done!