Introduction: Easy Mashmellow Fondant!

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I love making cakes, and though I try to sticking to using mostly frosting, there are just some things that look better with fondant! Like a cute bow on the ear of an owl smash cake, or the sleek sides of a bowling pin cake topper. I guess you probably could accomplish those things with frosting (I have no idea how!), but why not use fondant? It actually tastes good, and that is almost unknown in the fondant world! You hooked? Follow me through these easy steps as you make this "Easy Marshmallow Fondant"!



  • 1 bag mini marshmallows
  • 2 cups (averagely) of powdered sugar, plus more for dusting the counter before kneading the fondant

For utensils, you're going to need:

  • a double boiler (or a pan with a larger bowl over it as a substitute)
  • a strainer/sifter
  • a clean, flat surface

Step 1: Melt Your Marshmallows

Melt your marshmallows over a high heat in the double boiler. Every five or so minutes, give the marshmallows a good stir to keep them from sticking (or worse, burning) to the bottom of the bowl/double-boiler. When the marshmallows are completely melted and there aren't any chunks left, take the bowl/double-boiler off the bottom pan. You're going to want to dry off the bottom because it'll be a little wet :)

Step 2: Begin to Knead

First, sift in the powdered sugar over the melted marshmallows. Then, begin to knead, first in the bowl until it no longer feels like sticky melted marshmallows. It shouldn't stick to your hand too much either. Now, sift the powdered sugar onto your clean surface. Make sure you sift it because if you don't, you will likely end up with small globs of powdered sugar in your fondant and that will not look pretty on a cake!

Turn the fondant out onto the powdered sugar covered surface and begin to knead it, just like you would bread dough. Pretty soon it should be very pliable, not sticky and the right "fondant texture" that you want to put it on your cake!

Step 3: Dye!

At this point, you can separate your fondant into different chunks to color. Beware! You're also end up dying your fingers :) It's almost impossible (unless you wear gloves) to keep your fingers from turning red, green, blue, or whatever color you choose to make your fondant! Just make sure that in between coloring different chunks of fondant, you thoroughly wash your hands to get off as much dye as you can. Otherwise you'll accidentally bring other colors to the color you're trying to make.

Step 4: Roll Out

Make sure that your surface is nicely covered in powdered sugar, or else you might find yourself with a lot of fondant stuck to your surface! Roll out your fondant just like you'd roll bread dough. If you're trying to cover a cake, try and keep the fondant in a somewhat circular shape. Roll until it's whatever thickness you want, then have fun with it! There's a lot you can do with fondant!

Step 5: Enjoy!

The photos above are just two of quite a few cakes I've made using this fondant! There's a lot you can do with it besides making cute bows or legos, so have fun! Experiment! Try new things! But most of all, have lots of fun!