Introduction: Easy Mini-shelf From Just a Box

Bought something that came in a box? Whether it's a cereal box, an Oreo box, or any sort of thin cardboard package, turn it into a cute mini-shelf for your odds and ends! No extra cardboard needed! Put your mini-shelf on your desk to organize your paperclips and coins!

Step 1: Preparation

Materials needed:
          a box
          construction paper (optional)

Tools needed:
          scissors (optional)

Step 2: Cover the Box

This step is optional.

Cover the box with construction paper with the color you want. Glue the paper on to cover the box completely.

Step 3: Cut Out the Shelves

Look at the diagram of the box. Draw or estimate the lines on your box according to the diagram. It doesn't have to be exact. You may add more shelves additionally.
Note: It works as long as the length of b is longer than a. Just long enough for gluing (about 1 cm). Also, make sure the length of c is not too short.

Diagram key:
   purple line - the box
   black line --- cutting
   blue line ---- folding

Using a cutter, cut along the black lines.

Step 4: Glue the Flaps

When you fold along the blue lines inward, notice that it does not fit properly inside. The flap is too big. Fold the end of each flap accordingly so that it may be glued onto the inside of your box.
Now glue each flaps to form each shelf.

Note: By turning the box upside down after gluing on the flaps, you can see there are two ways to use the shelf.
   1.Each shelf has the color facing up
   2.Each shelf has a small "fence" that can prevent objects to fall off the shelf
If you like choice 1, you may also glue the remaining flap that was completely cut off, onto the shelf without color.

Step 5: Decoration

Your mini-shelf is done!

This step is optional:
Add a little decorations such as stickers, shapes, or photos to make your mini-shelf complete!
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