Introduction: Curious Strawhead Mini-Wind-vane

Make a mini wind vane to put on your roof or by your window! Little Strawhead (the name I gave her) is always curious to see where the wind is coming from! This piece is easy to make and it actually works!

Step 1: Preparation

materials needed:
     a plastic cup
     a straw
     construction paper

tools needed:
     something sharp enough to poke a hole in a plastic cup

Step 2: Cut Out the Shapes

Notice there are two circles. One should be bigger than the bottom of the cup and the other smaller than the top of the cup.
Cut out the two circles.

As for the rectangle and the scarf, fold the paper in half to cut out two rectangles and a longer scarf.

Step 3: Poke Some Holes

Poke a hole in the center of the cup and the two circles.
Make sure the hole is bigger than the width of the straw so that the straw has room to spin smoothly.

Step 4: Insert the Circles

First, insert the smaller circle into the cup and fit it tightly. If it's necessary, you may also use glue or tape to fix the position. Now, also do the same to the bigger circle. The purpose of the circles is so that the straw doesn't waggle left and right.

Step 5: Glue Them Onto Little Strawhead

Make two rings out of the two rectangles and glue them on the straw. Wrap the scarf around the Strawhead's neck and glue the the flaps together. Make sure that the scarf is going the opposite direction as the straw. That's important for the wind vane's direction.

Step 6: A Working Wind Vane!

Insert the straw through the holes of the cup. You can decorate the cup with clouds if you want.

Yay! Your mini-wind-vane is finished! Enjoy!

Note: If Strawhead is not looking directly at where the wind is coming from, adjust the scarf. Make sure
           it is not curved. Also, I recommend that you glue something heavy under the cup or tape the cup to
           a fixed position so that it wouldn't be blown off.

Author's note: This piece is hard for me since I'm on vacation. All my things are at home. Here, they only have a piece of orange construction paper, plastic cups, LOTS of straws, some permanent markers, tape, knives, and a left-handed scissor. It took me some imagination to think of what I can make out of that. :)

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