Easy Mothers Day Fudge (with Small Child)




Introduction: Easy Mothers Day Fudge (with Small Child)

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Yum chocolate! Mom will love it. Super simple recipe and project.

This is a great Mother's Day project to do with your small child. Easy to do with your 3 year old, and they will also be able to help out in a meaningful way. There is no loose flour or sugar so major messes are avoided.

Step 1: What You Need


  • Chocolate - 2 lbs
  • M&M's or other colorful pieces
  • 1/2 cup butter
  • Pan

Optional flavor such as:

  • Cinnamon
  • Nuts (1/2 cup)
  • Whiskey (1/4 cup)

Step 2: Sort the M&M's

This will keep the kids busy anytime they get bored during the project.

Step 3: Melt Chocolate & Butter, Mix All Together

Melt the chocolate and butter in microwave oven. Its not good to overheat chocolate, so go slow.

Once melty, mix together the chocolate, butter and any optional flavor until smooth. Pour into a pan.

Step 4: Cool Until Fudgey

Let the fudge cool until its stiff & fudgey. This can take a few hours, or about 1 hour in the fridge.

When its stiff, use your finger to write the message you want as a reference for the small kids.

Step 5: Push the M&M's Into Place

Small kids can now push the M&M's on top of the words!


Step 6:

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    Sylvia Whistfield
    Sylvia Whistfield

    Question 4 years ago on Step 1

    is it possible to use peanut butter as an extra thing? if so, about how much should I use?