Introduction: Easy No-Sew Face Mask Using Hot Glue

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This simple mask uses only household items, but it's very effective and comfortable, featuring soft elastic straps, a bendable nose wire, two pleated cloth layers, and a face mask filter insert. It's perfect for beginner and expert hobbyists alike who want an easy and inexpensive mask without sacrificing quality.


Old T-Shirt fabric


Hot glue

A large paper clip

A face mask filter insert (optional, but greatly improves the effectiveness of your mask)

Step 1: Cut the Fabric for the Mask

Cut the T-shirt into one large 6-inch by 18-inch strip of fabric or two 6-inch by 9-inch sections. I used a paper rectangle as a guide to help me cut cleanly.

Step 2: Create the Mask Straps

Cut two roughly 18-inch long strips of t-shirt fabric for the straps. Tug on the strips until they slightly curl into thin t-shirt yarn, which is elastic and comfortable for use in a mask.

Step 3: Hem the Mask

To make the mask look neater, glue down the edges of the fabric to form a hem.

Step 4: Create the Pleats

Across the middle of the mask, pinch the fabric and fold it over itself to form a pleat. Glue down the pleat at the edges and center of the mask to hold it in place.

Under the first pleat, create a second one using the same process.

Step 5: Create the Nose Wire

Unfold and straighten the paper clip, then wrap the ends with small pieces of scrap T-shirt fabric. This ensures that the ends of the paper clip stay secured and won't poke out of the mask. Then, glue the wire onto the inside of the mask, making sure to fold the mask fabric over itself to keep the wire in place.

Step 6: Assembly

Place the mask filter and straps on the inside of the mask as shown, and hot glue across the entire perimeter of the mask. Join the two halves of the mask together, making sure to seal everything tightly in place.

Step 7: Adjust Straps and Nose Bridge and Enjoy!

Tie the straps together, adjusting their length so they loop securely and comfortably behind your ears. Bend the nose wire so it molds to your face, and enjoy your new mask!

Adapted from Youtuber jakolyndeziray

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