Introduction: Easy No-sew Infinity Wrap Knock-Off

Inspired by this blog post and the original Bina Brianca "The Bina", here is my version of the multi-way wrap/scarf/cardigan thing. It took me less than 20 minutes all up, required no sewing, and the end product is so fun to wear and play with! The original sells at a little over $40, so this diy is a money saver to boot. 

Step 1: Measure Fabric

For this super lazy version of this wrap, simple cut out a large rectangle of lightweight stretch fabric, such as a rayon or cotton jersey. The length of the rectangle should be approximately four or five times the width of your hips. Width, not length! The width of the rectangle should be about the same length as from the top of your shoulders to the top of your calves. 

[My rectangle measured to be 140cmx102cm, but I would have liked to make it longer, to maybe 150cmx102cm.]
[Also, apologies for the terrible state of my fabric- I found it at the bottom of my fabric stash and I couldn't wait to get started!]

Step 2: Cut the Slits

If we refer to the image of the original wrap here, we can see that there are slits in the fabric. They're placed roughly one hip width in from either side, and are roughly the same width as your waist. I made mine 30cm long, or 12inches. Mark the slits in place.

I was really, really lazy and folded my fabric twice into a quarter, and make the cut once. 

Step 3: Wear It!'re done! The nice thing about stretch fabrics is that they don't fray, but you may still feel the need to stabilise the edges - it's up to you. But aside from that, your wrap is completed! There are many ways to wear the wrap - check out the website for guides on various styles. Really you can be creative and make up your own way of wearing it. Enjoy :)

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