Introduction: Pants to Overalls

When cleaning out my wardrobe, I found a not-so-great looking pair of pink pants that I knew I just had to remake. I was inspired by gjenkins and her 'ible, where she restyled pants into overalls. As such, I won't bother with instructions, as this project really is one where you make it up as you go along. 

I was really excited for this project, as it was really to test out my new sewing machine(!!!) I rushed through it quite a bit too, so it only took me an evening to finish up. A big improvement on sewing by hand only! 

I'm quite happy with how it turned out, but I could have exercised a lot more care in my sewing. I can't wait until the weather gets warm enough to wear it out - it's still Winter down here! [Bonus points to me for braving the cold to take photos ;) ] If you have any questions in terms of construction or anything, feel free to ask me as I know the pictures alone can be confusing. For more details, the pictures have also been annotated. 

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