Introduction: Easy Open Bottle Cap With Sugru

About: I'm 16 in Waco, Texas. I love being outside and building things, I can build anything with just a few ideas and tools.

I got this idea from a picture I saw on the internet. This can be very useful when you have a bottle of soda in one hand and the other hand is full. You can't open the bottle to take a drink. Now you can with this easy to open bottle cap.

Step 1: Materials

For this project you will need a packet of Sugru, an exacto knife, and a bottle cap.

Step 2: Begin Forming

Begin by making a small tab on the small tab of Sugru on the side of the cap smaller than the final size you want. Also roll out a long rope about as thick as paracord.

Step 3: Wrapping

Next, take the rope of Sugru and wrap it around the bottle cap and the tab. Cut off any excess you have once it's wrapped around.

Step 4: Forming

After that, flatten the rope onto the side of the bottle cap. Cut off or add any more or less than you need. Form the Sugru so that it is flat and even all the way around the cap. I also made a small bend in the tab to the left (depending on if you are right or left handed) for a grip to twist the cap. Then, flatten out some more Sugru and add a top to the cap.

Step 5: Final Forming

After that just finish forming the Sugru until it it as flat and even as you can get it. I add a grip to the sides by rolling the grip of my exacto knife along it.

Step 6: Finishing

I finished up by adding some white Sugru on the tab after the red was dry. This is a very easy, cheap project to solve and annoying problem and make things easier for you. Enjoy you sodas easier!