Easy Paper Desk World Globe to Highlight All Your Travel Destinations!




Introduction: Easy Paper Desk World Globe to Highlight All Your Travel Destinations!

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This desk globe is a very nice and simple project to showcase all your travels. Use pins to mark all the adventures that you experienced. This globe is made of only 6 sheets of paper and some cardboard boxes so very cheap to make. The materials you need are:

printer paper ( use 120grams or preferably even stronger)
glue, scissor, knife,
Hotglue ( optional to reinforce the globe on the inside )

To make this globe, you could use the map like I did. It's not explained how to assemble the 6 sheets together but does have tabs added to the drawing.

Step 1: Print, Cut & Fold

Print out the 6 sheets of the template and join them together, so your map is a continuous world map. I printed on 120 grams printing paper, so a little bit stronger then usual printer sized paper. When your map is complete cut out the total map. ( I forgot to add tabs to the map in this picture so I improvised here a little) When the map is cut out, make the folds. Depending on what type of paper you used, you could score the paper before folding for nice and easy folding.

Step 2: Make Cardboard Triangles

Trace one of the triangles in order to make a template for cardboard parts. When you copied 1 triangle, make sure you draw a little offset ( 3mm or something like that) and cut that off. Then trace it on cardboard sheets and make 20 pieces.

Step 3: Time to Build :-)

Start glueing the tabs one by one and when a triangle is in position, you can glue a cardboard triangle on the back. Before you glue the cardboard part, make sure you are ready in this area because else you have no room anymore for the tab to be assembled. Assembling is quite easy and the further you go into the proces, the stronger the shape will become. You could consider using hot glue to make the gaps between the cardboard triangles stronger, but it is not always necessary.

Step 4: Pin Your Places :-)

Now the globe is ready, you only have to use your pins to mark your destinations! It could be an idea to use different colored pins to make a difference between places you visit and places on your wishlist. Or for each continent a different color. I think best pins are those thin needles with a colored ball on top. With these you can mark more in detail. This 3D globe looks great on a dressoir, cabinet, table or on the floor :-)

Enjoy and safe travels!

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Pernickety Jon
Pernickety Jon

11 months ago

This adds some new angles to the sphere versus flat earth debate.


11 months ago

Please post a .pdf without the circled numbers.
Thank you.


Question 11 months ago

Gorgeous and fun! What projection is it?


Question 11 months ago on Introduction

I love this. Great work.
One question, would you be able to share the original file or a pdf all in one page? I want to recreate that but without the paper seams. If it's not possible it's fine, no need to reply.
Thanks in advance.


1 year ago

Wow! I like this idea


Reply 1 year ago

thank you! :-)