Introduction: Easy Paper Ninja Star

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This is the easiest ninja star by far, but it is still rather hard. I believe in you!


two pieces of paper


Step 1: Making Your Paper Square

Fold the top left corner until the top right corner lines up the the side. Cut the bottom strip off. Unfold.

Step 2: Folding in Half

Fold you paper in half so it is the thin way. Fold in half the same way again. Fold in half the other way, sideways, and unfold that fold.

Step 3: Folds and Triangles

Set your papers side by side. Fold the left side on the left one up to the middle line. Fold the left side on the right one down to the middle. Repeat with the opposite folds. Flip over. Fold the top corner on each segment to the middle so it looks like the image above for both papers.

Step 4: Finishing

Line your papers up so they look like the first image above. This is the hard part. Tuck point into the middle of the other point for the first two points. Then flip over and repeat. YOU'RE DONE!

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