Introduction: Easy Pizza With Whatever You Have!

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Hi! I though I may post a quick tutorial on making pizza with whatever you have in the fridge and any kind of bread :).

(P.S Sorry about the not so nice thumbnail, I would take a new picture but I'm out of bread; will update the pic in future :)

Step 1: The Base

You can use a whole range of savoury products for your pizza base! Take a look in your bread bin, you could use a regular loaf, pita bread, naan bread, even a baggette. Stale breads work just as well as a base!

Make sure your base is sliced to at least 0.5cm high, too thin and the base could get a little soggy, but you can make it as thick as you please!

Step 2: The Sauce

The sauce doesn't have to be complicated, I used just tomato puree and some pesto spread over the base in a thin-ish layer with a spoon (Spoons are suprisingly effective at this!)

If you don't have tomato puree you can use a bunch of other things, I've used just pesto before and that worked ok. Another option could be blended tomatoes (If you need it a little thicker add a teaspoon on starch and heat it in a pan until it thickens, if it doesn't add more starch)

Step 3: The Toppings!

You can use practically anything you like savoury as your pizza toppings; the great thing is you can get away with so few toppings, even if you half an onion and a mushroom in the fridge its enough!

Next cut the ingredients quite small/thin as they have to cook in the 20 minutes or so this takes in the oven, so things which take longer to cook like pepper and brown onion should be cut smaller than stuff that is faster to cook like mushroom which can just be cut into slices.

Then spread out all your sliced ingredients onto your base!

Step 4: Cheese!

You can skip this step if you want, but who doesn't want cheese!

Pretty much all cheese will do just fine, be it mozzarella, red leister, cheddar and more!

Simply grate the amount of cheese you want (If you dont have a grater you can use a peeler to peel even slices of cheese) then spread the cheese over the pizza! Try to keep the cheese from getting too close to the edge as it can drip onto the pan and maybe burn, unless of course you like those crispy cheese parts!

Step 5: Cooking

This bits easy, heat your oven to around 200C, the temperature doesn't matter too much, then put your base on a baking tray and stick it in the oven! Now because this recipe differs every time I would let it cook for 15 mins and if its not cooked to your taste let it cook longer and check every few minutes until its at a state you would enjoy!

Step 6: The Good Part

Slice that beauty with a pizza cutter into slices and enjoy! You've made a delicious pizza from kitchen scraps! Yay!

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