Introduction: Easy Pumpkin Costume for Adults

So, I wanted to be a pumpkin for Halloween for quite a while and this year, it was time! And what better way to be a pumpkin then making your own costume? So that's what I did (with a litte bit of design help). This should be fairly easy to make all that is required is some basic sewing knowledge.
(sorry for the flipped image, but at least you'll get the picture (pun not intended) )

Step 1: Getting Your Stuff Together

You don't need that much stuff- making this a fairly cheap costume, but what you do need is:

-Orange fabric, I just went by feeling, but I think it's about a meter across when folded double (most fabric is folded when you buy it).
-Green fabric, enough to make a collar and then some more
-Orange and green thread

-Sewing machine
-Pin needles
-Tape measure

That's it, let's get started

Step 2:

What I did first was to make the pumpkin kinda round. REMEMBER It's still folded so u have two pieces of fabric on top of eachother. So basically what I did was that I rounded of the sides of it, you will want the ends to remain straight. I did a mark about 15 cm in on each long side, then I marked the middle of the short sides ad then I kinda just cut of the ends to make it round (as seen in the pictures). This dos not have to be all that pretty!

What I did next was to saw it all togheter. First I zigzaged both of the short sides (not necessary unless you're planing on washing it) and then I saw them together with the normal stitches. REMEMBER to leave room for your arms. I didn't remember that and it actually worked out quit well. I put the costume on me, guessed where my arms would be and took the stitches of right there. You will still want the edges to be zigzaged thou. And when you are done with the arms, saw in some extra stiches right before and after the whole so it wont go up.  

Step 3:

Now, you should have some kind of shape that's sticking togheter.

What you will do know is that you will take the end of your pumpkin and at one of the edges get a few stitches up. You will then fold the fabric about 1,5 cm in and needle it togheter. You will then saw this togheter with normal stitches. Leaving room for a thread to go throw. You are making it into a canal I guess you could say. Now leave that for now and pick up ypur green fabric.

Again, there is a lot of guessing involved. Keep even the green fabric folded in half. Measure on your neck and try t o figure out how long you want it to be. Then mark that on your fabric and draw something kinda lika a banana between the two marks (depending on how low you want the neckline). Then draw on the shapes of the "spikes" on there and cut it out. You should now have two identical pieces.

Now, here is the only tricky part, and that's not even that tricky. What you will do is this:

1. You will take the end part of the green fabric and neddle it togheter where one of the seems are at the top of your costume on one side and then neddle it together on the other side too (where the ssem is). You will want to leave about a centimeter of fabric of the green fabric that you will be able to fold over the orange fabric later.

2. Now you will take the middle of the green fabric and needle it togheter with themiddle of the orange fabric (you will do this on the outside of the orange fabric) then you will take the middle of the fabric left on both sides and do the same thing. Keep doing that until the wrinkles are as you want them.

3.Then ofld the green fabric over the orange fabric and needle it together. Make sure the wrinles are layd down the same way (you can change direction in the middle if you want to). Then saw it on there with regular stitches. Then do the same thing with the other side.

So you are almost done, you've done the tricky part now its just one part left. Cut a long piece of string from the green fabric and then cut another one (depending on how much green fabric you have) sew these piece togheter. Now, attach the to a sewing needle and get to the bottom of your costume and stick it in to the canal. With the help of the needle get the fabric all around in the canal and out on the other side. ones the costume is on you you will use this to make it as tight as you want it and then make a pretty bow.I firts did this with yarn- not a good idea! But that is why there is yarn in the pictures

CONGRATULATIONS! You are now with very little money and time effort the priodu owner of your very own pumpkin costumes.

Now let me just get you a few helpful tips to complet your costume (this is what I did):
-If the costume is fairly short (as mine) use shorts
-Put on some yellowish/orangish stockings
-Put your hair up in a bun and spray it green.
-Don't get mistaken for a tomato (I believe people saying that to be colour blind)

Now go rock that costume!
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