Introduction: Easy Resistor Assortment Organization With Index Cards

Resistor assortments are often packed as strips of "tape mounted" resistors. The resistors can be easily organized by stapling the "taped resistor strips" to index cards. Resistor index cards can be sorted and stored in standard index file boxes. Resistors can be cut from the index card as needed.

I believe this method oftens easy, fast, inexpense, and compact organization of resistor assortments.

Step 1: Material, Tools, and Resistor Mounting Process

Besides your tape mounted resistor assortment, you'll need: Index cards sized to the resistor tape strips ( 3 by 5 cards worked for me), file box, stapler and marking pen.

Staple each resistor strip to an index cards in 4 places as shown in photo. Clearly write the resistor value in the index card upper right corner. Add the resistor cards to file box arranged in ascending order of resistance value.

Step 2: Resistor Retrieval

Sort through the file box to find the resistor value value you need. Remove the resistor card, and use side cutter pliers to cut the resistor from the card. Return the index card to the correct location in the file box!

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