Introduction: Magnetic Hammer Holder With Repurposed Harbor Freight Magnetic Tool Holder

Project Motivation - Like most unfinished basements, mine has several support post which generally just get in the way.

This simple and inexpensive project makes a basement post more useful by magnetically attaching a hammer holder.

The key design element is a repurposedHarbor Freight magnetic tool holder. An object to be "magnetically attached" is bolted to the tool holder's two mounting holes and then the tool holder is positioned "magnetic face down" against the metal surface. The magnet holds tightly, even against round basement support posts. This makes a handy and inexpensive, universal magnetic attachment device. See magnetically attached paper towel holder, moveable peg, and small parts bin examples in final step of this instructable.


(1 each) 18 In. Magnetic Tool Holder from Harbor Freight link

(1 each ) 2" PVC pipe about 2 inches long.

(2 each) 1/4-20 nylock hex nuts & hex head bolts 1 inch long

(4 each) 1/4 flat washers

Power drill with 1/4 inch twist drill, and step drill bit (at least as large as the diameter of your 7/16 socket O.D.)

7/16 inch wrenches either socket and box end style.

Step 1: Make It

1. Cut two, one inch long sections of 2 inch PVC pipe.

2. With a 1/4 inch drill bit, drill all the way through both sides of each pipe section as shown.

3. Using the step drill bit, enlarge the 1/4 hole on one side only to make it big enough to fit your 7/16 socket thru, see photo.

4. Using 1/4-20 nylock nut, bolt, and two flat washers, attach each pipe section to tool holder mounting holes as shown.

5. Attach drill holder to basement support post.

Step 2: Bonus Content - Other Uses for Repurposed Harbor Freight Magnetic Tool Holder

Paper Towel Holder - Bolt a small board to tool holder and attach towel holder to board with screws

Movable Hanging Peg - Just insert a long bolt " threaded end facing outward" into tool holder mounting hole

Parts Bins - Bolt a long board to two vertically arranged tool holders (the lower tool holder is not shown). The bins attach to board with flathead wood screws.

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