Introduction: Easy Rocket League Costume

For halloween, a gaming accessories and pc parts store in my area hosted a low cost costume contest... I build this costume in one morning and then I thought... why not make an instructable about this! I had a lot of fun building it and sharing in the socials, the reception was super cool and super fun to read the comments I recieved.



  • 1 cardboard sheet of about 20x30 cm for the field
  • 1 small cardboard box of about 25x20x15cm for making the goals
  • Colored Paper to wrap the goals and make the map design. The colors you'll need are:
    • Blue
    • Orange
    • Black
    • Yellow
  • A pair of chopsticks
  • 2 HotWheels
  • Transparent tape
  • Cord, 1m to hang it around your neck
  • Small ball of about 5cm of diameter, you can use a stress ball or anything spherical. its important that is not too heavy
  • A baseball cap
  • Fishing line


  • Scissor

Step 1: Shot on Goal!

In this step we are going to make the goals and attack them to the field cardboard

To make the goals:

  • Cut the small cardboard box in half with an X-Acto knife or some scissors.
  • Wrap in blue and orange paper each half.

To attach them to the field:

  • Place the goals at the center of the corresponding side of the field and mark where the goalposts are.
  • With scissors or an x-acto knife, cut slots of about 2 cm long.
  • Insert the goalposts on the slots. It should be a snug fit. You can also stick some tape on the underside to make it sturdier

Step 2: Field Positioning and Boost Management

In this step, we are going to decorate the field and make the boost pads.

Use a reference image to make the field layout (I left one on the step images). I kept it simple but you can do it as detailed as you want.

For boost pads, use yellow paper. For the big ones, I made circles of about 3cm in diameter. For the small boost pads, cut a triangle and then cut its corners so you are left with a triangle-shaped hexagon

Make some holes on the corners of one of the large edge of the field and then attach the cord and adjust how hight it hangs off your neck(I used a spare shoelace I had laying around)

Step 3: Ball Dribbling

In this step we are going to hang the ball in place.

With the fishing line, tie up the ball in one end.

Put on the baseball cap and hang the field on your neck. Adjust the height of the ball so that it hovers over the center of the field and tape the loose end of the fishing line to the brim of the cap.

Step 4: Car Control

To control the cars around the field, tape the chopsticks to the back of the Hot Wheels. Try different positions so that is easier to hold them from above. Use as much tape as necessary.

The picture in this step shows what angle worked for me. You can see how it looks with the whole costume on the introduction or the last step of the instructable

Step 5: Have Fun!

You are ready to show off your costume. You also can take it off and play over a table!


  • If you have the Octane RL HotWheels.. go for it!
  • You can add some holders for the cars so you don't have to carry them all the time
  • I also made the logo and letters with some paper and markers and then taped them to my chest.

If you build this, I hope you have lots of fun as I did.

See you around!

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