Introduction: Easy Roller Coaster Toy

This roller coaster toy is made with construction paper and tape. It does not take too long to make and is great for people who love arts and crafts.


Materials and Tools:

1. Cardboard

2. Tape

3. Ruler

4. Construction Paper

5. Pencil

6. Scissors

Optional: Decorative Tape

Step 1: Making the "slide"

You will need a ruler and a pencil to help you draw out a template for your tracks and so you know where to cut. To make the slide, take a piece of construction paper, measure two inches in from the left and right side, draw vertical lines at the two inch marks and cut along those lines. Save the strips that remained after cutting for Step 2. With the paper you have now, measure one inch from the left and right and draw vertical lines at those marks. Turn the paper so that it is horizontal and begin drawing lines one and a half inch apart. Cut up until the vertical lines. Do not cut past the vertical lines. Fold the tabs you created along the vertical lines. Now begin to tape along the top of the tabs and along the inner (vertical) lines to create the shape of a slide.

Step 2: Making the Supports

Taking the pieces of construction paper you cut out in Step 1, fold them vertically four times and cut up to 2 inches along the lines that were created from folding. Then, roll the paper vertically to create a triangular shape from the top. Tape the sides so that it holds form.

Step 3: Attaching the Supports to the Slide

In this step, you you will attach the slide to the supports and then the supports to the cardboard using tape. Tape down the flaps you cut from the supports so they stay standing.

Step 4: Creating the Loop

Repeat everything you did in Step 1 in terms of measurements, cutting the lines and folding them. Now, instead of taping the construction paper to look like a slide you will tape it in the shape of a loop. This is done by folding the paper inwards and taping the tabs over one another as shown in the photos. Then, take the opposite corners and tape them together to create a loop.

Step 5: The Last Track

The last track is done by once again repeating the process from Step 1 except now you will tape the tabs upward.

Step 6: Putting It Together

In this step you connect the loop to the slide and the last track to the loop using tape. The last track was too long so I had to shorten it. Depending on the size of your cardboard you may need to shorten (by cutting) or lengthen (by using more paper and taping it to original) your last track. In my case, I shortened it enough so that it connected with the loop and was still within the cardboard.

Step 7: Have Fun!

You can put a rubber ball or marble and see how it goes through the roller coaster.

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