Introduction: Easy Scare From a Lamp

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If you have a light source, you can make this. I used my 5 bulb lamp but any floor lamp would work, as well as a coat rack or mannequin with an additional light source.

What you need:

  • Tall thing (lamp?)
  • Light source if tall thing doesn't have one (glow sticks, battery operated light...)
  • Two pieces of black fabric (lightweight is better)
  • Pins and tape
  • Cardboard or foam core

Step 1: Lights, Camera...

Set up your lamp. I twisted mine into the shape I wanted and turned all the shades to point the same way. You might have to remove any larger shades that you might have that would get in the way of the masks.

*Please remember to use LED bulbs so you don't create a lot of heat! Spook safely.

Step 2:

If your lamp is bendable like mine, cut out a piece of board and cut notches to hold the arms into shape so they don't move.

If you're using a coat rack or floor lamp, cut your board into a shoulder-like shape to give the fabric something to sit on. Tape it in place.

Step 3:

Pin your fabric to the frame, trying to cover as much of it as possible with the first piece. I used small sewing pins and stuck them through the fabric into the foam core, it worked great.

Add your masks. I taped mine to the shades, but if you had to remove a larger shade build up a piece of cardboard to attach it to. Don't ever attach it directly to the bulb unless it is LED and won't produce ANY heat!

Once your masks are in place, use your second piece of fabric to drape over the masks like a hood.

That's it! Stick your lamp in a closet, around a corner, or anywhere where people will stumble upon it for a scare!

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