Introduction: Easy Seasonal Planting

It is nice to have annual plants around the house, but who likes to dig them up in the fall and dig new wholes every spring? I don’t.

When I decide on a spot for a plant each year and I want to put one back there again, I use this technique to make planting go faster the next year.

Step 1: Gather Your Tools

Gather your tools

  1. Shover
  2. Plastic Pots (two of the same size, or two very similar in size)
  3. Diaper Polymer (optional, but helps a lot in dry climates)

Step 2: Repot Your Perennial

Repot your perennial in a larger pot so that it won’t get root bound during the summer.

The size of the pot needed is dependent on the plant you choose. This pot will not be seen, so I use those dark green ones I get from the nursery.

If you have two pots of different sizes, than use the smaller of the two for this purpose. If your two pots are exactly the same it does not matter which one of the two you use.

I mix in about a tablespoon of the diaper polymer when I repot because I live in a very dry and hot climate in the summer and it is difficult to get the exact right water day to day with my drip system. One day it will be 70 degrees, the next 100. The polymer helps me not drown the plants on the cooler days, and the hotter days it releases the water back to the plant when I have "under watered". Also the expansion and contraction of the polymer helps keeps the soil soft as we also have a lot of clay in our soil. This is a completely optional step.

Step 3: Dig a Hole for Your Second Pot

Dig a whole for your second pot. Make sure the fit is fairly snug.

You don't want the put to "float" out in the future. You want this pot to stay here year round.

Step 4: Plant Your Perennial

Put the pot with your perennial in the pot your just buried.

In the Fall, you can just pull this pot.

In the Spring, just put a new plant in the inner pot and drop it in the hole.

Viola, you have a beautiful yard very quickly each spring.