Introduction: Easy Smart Magic Mirror Under $100

most smart or magic mirror tutorials you see online is not for beginners. they require large expensive two way mirrors and some programming skills with the Raspberry Pi. they are great to learn programming but time consuming if you just want something done under 30 mins for less than $100.

Step 1: Materials You Will Need

1- a two way mirror. choose your own size from here:

2- a tablet running "Magic Mirror" app. my tablet is the older Moto Xoom which you can get for about $50. you can use any tablet or even a large phone. direct link to the app here:

3- a tablet or dish holder

4- black cardboard or thick matte black paper.

5- double sided tape

Step 2: Instructions

1. cut the outside of the cardboard to the same size as your mirror. my mirror is 14x14 inches. so my cardboard is now 14x14 inches.

2. now, cut the inside of the cardboard so that ONLY the tablet screen will show through.

3. use the double sided tape to hold the cardboard in position

4. download the Magic Mirror app. connect to your wifi. adjust the app to have the infos you want to be displayed. mine is simple, i only have the time and weather.

5. mount the tablet first. it should rest sturdy onto the tablet holder.

6- finally lay the mirror on top of the tablet so that only the screen is shown through.

7. enjoy!