Introduction: Convert Smartphone to a Smartwatch for Under $10, Easy DIY

i love having a smartwatch but cant stand the puny screen and pathetic battery life. i knew i wanted something much more useful so i came up with this idea....

Perfect for fitness apps like Strava where you always want to see distance/speed/ and Maps.

Step 1: 2 Materials You Will Need

1- arm strap for mp3 player or smartphone. the one i have is MPOW designed for iphone 5. you can get this for $6 online

2- a smartphone. mine is LG L70 from metroPCS. it was $30, no contract plan.

so pop the phone into the strap. wear it on your wrist instead of your arm. done! enjoy your smartwatch with a bigger screen, much better battery life. never missed a notification because your phone was in your pocket or purse. yes, you can talk like Dick Tracy via speakerphone too!

youtube vid here:

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