Introduction: Easy Smokey Eyes

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You don't have to be a pro to have beautiful smokey eyes. I can show you how! Let's do this!!

Step 1: Prep

Using your favorite eye shadow base, apply all over the eye lid. I like Urban Decays anti aging eyeshadow primer, but you can use what you like as long as it's a good one.

Step 2: Brows!

Shape your brows!! Brows frame your face so please shape them. By simply filling them in or creating a whole new shape, you complete the look beautifully. I am using a powder brow in dark brown with a small angel brush.

Step 3: The Eyes Have It

Now you can start getting your smoke on! Use a highlight shadow first (light color with or without shimmer)
I'm using the Too Faced Semi-Chocolate Bar palette. (I wanna eat it!!!)
Apply your highlight (butter pecan) along the bottom of your brow all the way to the edge of the eye. Also Down along the inside corner of your eye down to the inside by your water line. Using a lighter color will widen Giving the illusion of a bigger eye. Take the shadow to the lid as well.
(I like my arm in the mirror of the palette, hahaha)

Step 4: Crease It Out!

I'm using nougat for the crease color. You can feel where your eye socket ends with your brush. That's kind of where I add the color. Blend blend blend! Apply across the crease of the eye.

Step 5: Add a Little Color to Your World

Add a little color.. Using peanut butter from the semi chocolate palette, brush a little at the top corner of your eye just above the lid. This adds texture and as I said, a little color.

Step 6: Corner Pocket

Now you can add some lift to your eye. Using a chocolate color (chocolate chili) on the corner of your eye, blend out and up. Use a small rounded brush first to tap the color on the corner of the eye down to the bottom of your eye. Then use a blending brush to soften the look. In circular motion up to the end of your brow bone. Blend blend blend!
Did I mention you need to blend? If you want a more dramatic look, use a darker color in the corner. Almost black if you want. I stay away from black for day look, it's too harsh I think.

Step 7: Line It Up

I'm using a gel liner. I've used so many brands. From very expensive to cheap. And my favorite is Maybeline's gel liner. It doesn't tend to dry out as fast and has great pigment. I'm using dark brown. With a small angle brush, Start at the center of your eye lid follow straight thru. Do not follow the curve of your eye but run the line straight. It will look like you're crazy for coloring "outside of the lines" but trust me, go out and up on your line. And if you want a little bit of a cat eye, take the line up and further out! But cat eye is a whole other tutorial.
And because gel liners are waterproof, I like to add a little inside the waterline at the bottom of my eye. But only go halfway because I'm going to use a white eyeliner on the inside corner of my waterline. This will widen the eyes and brighten them at the same time so eyes look bigger.

Step 8: LASHES!

I love LASHES!! I do not go anywhere without my lashes! After you place a little bit of glue on the edge of your strip lashes, line the edge of the lash to the edge of your eye right at the base of your own lashes. Use tweezers to manipulate your strip and align them comfortably. Strip lash application may require another tutorial. Some people have a harder time getting used to them.
After a few seconds the lashes are in place. Follow up with your favorite mascara. Both on your bottoms and over the strip lashes to marry the strip to your natural lashes.

Step 9: Them Smokey Eyes!

And there you have it!! Easy smokey eyes for every occasion. Have fun using different colors. Be creative, and remember to BLEND! Thank you!!!

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