Introduction: Easy Spider Costume

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My daughters friend wanted my daughter to accompany her on Halloween eve and since I love to craft - I had to do something on my own. Started to look online and found something similar to this.

This costume is super easy to make. I took a bunch of my old panty hose. I hand stitched a little to make them into spider legs instead of panty hose. : )

My daughter absolutely loved this costume, and as you can see, I made a matching costume for my son as well. Works just as good for grown ups as kids.


Sorry for my English, send a comment if something is unclear or should be described differently!

Step 1: Materials and Tools

Materials: ( in the pictures I made two costumes)
Black pants
Black socks
black long sleeved t-shirt (I used mine, Medium woman size, easy to get over the kids jackets and they thought of it as dresses and felt cute )
black gloves
Black beanie

8 eyes to glue to beanie
3 pairs of panty hose
Filling material(I used worn out clothes like socks with holes in them and so on)

textile glue
Elastic wire

Step 2: Creating Spider Legs

I start by measuring my daughter, her arms is about 42 cm long so I cut the panty hose at about 55 cm, the middle legs on a spider is longer then the once closest to the head.
I then fill the 4 legs with filling material. As I described in the previous step, anything works!
Sew the end together(some of my pair were leggings so I had to sew both end on those)
( The pictures is of both costume, one each for my kids)

Step 3: Sew Legs to Belt

I created a belt out of a panty hose leg, its super elastic and easy to sew the legs onto.

Nothing hard here, tried the panty hose leg on my daughter and marked where the sides would end up and sewed the spider legs on in pairs.

Step 4: Connect Spider Legs

I thought that I should make it possible for my daughter to take of the legs, so she don't have to hold them up all the time.
I took some elastic wire and made a little wristband that I attached the thread to. I used double thread to make it a little stronger.

The easiest is to try it on and mark where you want the legs, I had to remake mine a couple of times because the arms didn't fell correctly or came to wide apart. You can see one of the failed attempts in the pictures.

Step 5: Spider Head

My daughter wanted to do this step herself, and of course she could, so all eight eyes ended up in a line. Just glue them in place and the head is ready! My son helped me out a little with his beenie.

Step 6: Candy Bag

All halloween spiders need their candy bag. I made these out of my husbands old socks. Twisted an elastic band where the heel is and then cut the foot of. Turned the sock inside out and then used textile pen to make a spider web. Let it dry.
Make small holes in the elastic top of the sock and then insert an elastic band to make it possible to close the candy bag.

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