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This year I wanted to make a more nordic and light christmas decoration, often I see the decorations as quit heavy and I wanted something more stylish this year.

Found some inspiration on pinterest and this is my take on it.

Crocheted garlands for the portals in the open areas in our house.

I have made about ten snowflakes for a 2 meters portal.

Step 1: Materials and Tools

This one is quit easy, the only time consuming part is the crocheting it self :)

I go by commuter train by work so I have a lot of time to crochet.

I used a cotton yarn (järbo 8/4,

Crochet hook (2 mm)

sewing thread

silk ribbon


wood glue


styrofoam plate

Step 2: Crochet Patterns

I wanted to make different patterns since all snowflakes are unique in real life, and I also wanted them to be different sizes.

So I used these different patterns (some are text based, some are diagrams)

( let me know if you need help to translate)

Step 3: Stiffen the Snowflakes

The snowflakes will look so much better if they are stiffened (not sure of the correct word for this in english...)

I used a mixture of 1 part wood glue and 2 parts water. I then dip the snowflake in the mixture and then I used a piece of styrofoam. I pinned the snowflakes to the styrofoam and stretched them to look like I wanted to. Let them sit for just 30 minutes or so before removing the pins (otherwise they will sit to hard and might oxidize as well, trust me - speaking from experience :) ).

Then let the snowflake stay on the styrofoam to the next day, when they will be hard and straight.

Step 4: Assemble the Garland

Thread a sewing thread (or thin fishing line if you have that) through the snowflake and make a knot.

Attach one part of the silk ribbon to one side of where you want your garland and cut it to the length you want. add all snowflakes to the silk ribbon and attach it to the other end of the garland.

Place the snowflakes evenly on the sil ribbon and then you are ready to enjoy your new Christmas decoration.

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