Introduction: Easy Squirrel Trap

This is a very good trap for catching squirrels to eat in a survival situation. It is very simple and uses only 1 material not found in the out of doors.

Step 1: Make It!

This is really a simple trap once you know what it looks like. All you need is wire (I use dark green military wire, to help it blend in) and a longish, straight log. The hardest part is figuring out where to place it. Observe the area you're in, and see which trees squirrels are living in and/or using. Then, simply lay the log (with nooses already in place) at about a 30-45 degree angle to the tree. Squirrels are lazy creatures, a will gladly use this shortcut. They are also curious and stupid creatures, and will try to run through the loops. Once their neck is in, they will jump off to get away and hang themselves. The biggest thing to worry about is to try to avoid getting your scent on the log. To translate, wear gloves!

Good Hunting!