Introduction: Easy Suspended Yarn Bookcase

Hello everyone! Today I made a suspended bookcase using yarn and a few other simple houshold objects. This project is extrimely simple and can be easily expanded to pretty much any width you desire. The books will not be stressed very much by the yarn because the weight of each one will be supported by many pages, so they won't yield or rip.

I think it's a nice and easy project for this time period because the needed materials can be easily found at home or replaced by similar ones :)


  • Yarn, any color you like/have
  • A few sticks, bamboo skeewers are perfect
  • One or more hooks to hang the bookcase
  • The books you want to hang :)

Tools needed are a pair of scissors and a bit of glue

Step 1: Cutting and Knotting Yarn

First of all, you have to cut a lenght of yarn and knot its ends. I would recommend a length equal to the perimeter of the book you want to hang, but feel free to change this value, as it will affect the hanging height of your books.

Personally, I prefer to cut them to slightly different lengths, so the books will hang at random heights. Don't forget that each book's height can be easily tweaked after hanging too.

Step 2: Making the Barbell

The barbell can be made with anything that is sturdy enough. I cut 7 bamboo skeewers to different lengths and aligned them the way you see in the first picture (I really think randomness adds a nice touch everywhere!). I then wrapped them in a continous thread of yarn using a bit of glue at the beginning and at the end of the winding. At last, you can screw in the hanging hook in the middle. You can use more than one hook if you want, so the barbell will be always balanced when placed on the wall.

Step 3: Hanging the Books

To hang a book, you first have to insert the knotted yarn between a few pages, as shown in the first picture. You may want to pull the yarn on the bottom until it's as near as possible to the spine of the book, and then tighten it so that the friction will prevent the book from falling when hanged. If you want to hide the knot, make sure that it falls between the pages.

Next, you can just pull the yarn on the other side and slip it on the barbell. If you only used one hanging hook like me, make sure that the barbell is always balanced. Keep going until all the books are in place :)

Step 4: Done!

The hanging bookcase is now complete! I hope you liked this simple project...

Thanks for your attention, and let me know if you build one <3

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